Who we are

We believe we have several clients within one organization:

The organization, the media,

and your supporters -

both current + potential!




We are dedicated to you!​

Our work is always about people cooperating and communicating, so we value and nurture our partnerships.  We work to understand our clients and their objectives, and we are constantly engaged and proactive, anticipating issues, and seeking opportunities.

VGS is an efficient, compact agency.  Think of us this way: we have fewer parts, but they are all moving, synchronized, and part of a balanced whole dedicated to your success.  We are talented individuals who contribute years of experience, skill, and relationships. 

What VGS does represents only the dry facts.  How we do our job is what really matters.

We have a pure passion for the challenges and rewards of helping our clients reach business goals through effective marketing.  When you work with us, you'll notice this refreshing difference.

As we move into new business relationships, we are judicious.  We want to work with

like-minded people within our areas of competency.  If we're not a good fit for your business - we'll say so!  Your success is ours!​


Our goal at VGS is to use effective public and media relations strategies and tactics to give you n active voice, to make sure that the right people know the right things about what you do.

​We are a team of professionals who rely on each other's unique skills and expertise in the spirit of teamwork with each other and our clients!


At VGS we are ... AT YOUR SERVICE!



At VGS, we are proud of having earned a reputation for quality, responsiveness, accessibility, accountability, and

top-notch professionalism.